Taking a Trip to Hollywood/Vine

If you are looking for a fun day filled with burgers and pie, I definitely recommend making Hollywood/Vine your next adventure.

Los Angeles is one of my favorite places go, but something that I don’t love is the traffic. This is why I love taking the Metro. No road rage and I can relax as the train zips through different cities on my way to the stop.


Flat Stanley at the Metro stop (just helping out Justine’s friend’s son on his school project)

I took this trip with my mom and sister because we found out the Shake Shack had opened, and we are obsessed with that place. Even better, it is right by the Hollywood/Vine Metro exit.

Our journey ended at the Hollywood Blvd./Vine St. intersection, and once we got above ground, we were hit with the L.A. atmosphere of honking car horns and people asking for money. The Shake Shack is a short two-minute walk from the stop. We could see the light! If you haven’t eaten at the Shake Shack, you are missing out. It started out in New York selling from just a hot dog cart. The crinkle-cut fries and soft hamburger buns are life-changing. I would even put it above In-N-Out. I know, what kind of Californian am I? You have to try it yourself, and let me know if you agree with me or just think I’m crazy.


Flat Stanley ready to get his grub on.

After lunch, we walked down Hollywood Boulevard and found this huge vintage store called Iguana Vintage Clothing. They have everything you could possibly imagine with their three-floor store. Need a full-on space suit? They’ve got that. Looking for that perfect prisoner outfit? No worries, they have plenty. Any costume you could ever dream of, look no further. It has been on Hollywood Blvd. for 13 years and is family-operated.

A short four-minute walk from the train stop is the famous Capitol Records Building. Capitol Records just celebrated their 75th anniversary last year and the building definitely stands out with its circular shape. If you are a music fanatic, this is a neat place to see where artists work and record their albums. Hey, maybe they’d actually be recording while you’re outside!


Flat Stanley in front of the Capitol Records building.

Before heading back on the train, we found a dessert place near Iguana Vintage Clothing called The Pie Hole. It was started in 2011, and it does not disappoint. You can get a slice of pie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Yum!

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Also right off this train stop is the Pantages Theatre, where you can see famous shows that everyone around town is talking about.

Happy Metro-ing!

*all pictures taken by me and Justine


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