Just Touched Down in Chinatown

Looking for a way to experience a little piece of China without having to break out the passport and luggage? Look no further than Chinatown in Los Angeles, which is an exit off the Metro Gold Line.

My adventure started at the indoor shopping plaza where can find anything from Chinese trinkets to luggage and clothes.


Old town Chinatown.

Once you get away from the shopping plaza you can walk down the street and find even more vendors selling food and animals.

We didn’t eat, but if you are looking for some cooked duck hanging in the window, Chinatown is the place for you.



The Thien Hau Temple.

Fun fact-Nancy Drew is just one of the many movies filmed in Chinatown. I tried looking for the exact location with no luck. That’ll be my mission next time I find myself in Chinatown.

The Thien Hau Temple is definitely a must see in Chinatown because of its cultural authenticity and architecture. We spent around half a day exploring the streets and headed back home on the Metro.

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If you are in the mood for tacos and churros instead, Mexico…I mean Olvera Street, is a short walk over.

Adventure is out there! Go explore it.

*all pictures taken by me



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