Go BROAD or Go Home

An Instagram-worthy museum, tacos and ice cream. What else could you ask for from a stop on the Metro?

This post takes us to the Civic Center/Grand Park exit, which you can get to from either the Red or Purple Line.

When my mom and I got above ground, we were mostly surrounded by government buildings, so it looked like there wasn’t much to do, but we didn’t give up!

Just a short 10-minute walk from the Metro exit is The Broad museum. You know, that museum where everyone posts pictures of themselves on Instagram in the star-filled Infinity Room. Yeah, that one.

The Broad opened only two years ago and has already captured the hearts of art-fascinated Angelenos.

Admission is free, but I advise you to reserve your tickets online, or else you’ll be waiting in standby. Because of its popularity, you have to plan your adventure around a month ahead of time, and even then, weekends might be sold out.

Inside the Broad, you can find anything from a sculpture of a giant balloon dog to a stack of dishes that’s taller than you. We didn’t get to go inside the Infinity Room because it was booked for the rest of the day. If you want to be surrounded by stars, you should go earlier in the day to make sure you get a reservation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got to the museum ahead of our scheduled time, but good thing we did because I have two words. Food. Trucks.

They are parked on the street of the museum, and all I can say is you must try the tacos! There were other trucks, but this one, this one was the beauty.

It’s called The Bool Truck, and their menu includes everything from quesadillas to buffalo wings. They have a variety of meats to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Celebrities also hit up this food truck when they’re in Los Angeles. The truck had pictures of Seth Rogan and Jessica Alba, who also enjoyed their fair share of delicious meats.

Next to The Bool Truck, we had dessert at a vegan ice cream truck called Van Leeuwen. It was good, but nothing special, so don’t be upset if you miss out. If you do end up getting some vegan ice cream, I recommend going sans sprinkles, unless you want to gamble on breaking a tooth.


My vegan ice cream..sans sprinkes.

Once you have taken in everything the Broad has to offer, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a five-minute walk. The architecture of this building is surreal and has been around twelve years before the Broad opened. It is home to the LA Philharmonic and is said to have been built so the sound is exceptional for the audience.


The Walt Disney Concert Hall.

I recommend visiting the Civic Center/Grand Park exit so you, too, can indulge in the tacos and see some great architecture. Maybe even take an Instagram photo or two.

*All pictures taken by me and Justine.


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