Makin’ My Way Downtown (Pasadena)

Shopping, walking and a whole lot of eating. If this sounds like your type of day, schedule your next outing to Downtown Pasadena.

You can get to all the hubbub in the city by taking the Metro Gold Line and getting off at the Memorial Park stop.

My mom and I went on a Thursday afternoon, and it wasn’t too busy, but I’m sure it gets a little more crowded on the weekends. My cousin usually frequents the Pasadena area, so she told me all the must-see places.

Right across the street from the train stop is an alley called Big Bang Theory Way. If you’re a fan of the hit television show, this is a cool photo shoot moment to make your other “Big Bang Theory” fan friends jealous.


The famous BBT Alley sign.

To the left of the train exit is Pasadena City Hall. There is no way you could miss the building, even if you weren’t even trying to look for it — it’s huge. It’s a short eight-minute walk from the station, and the closer you get, the more magnificent it is.

Fun fact, the outside of the building was used in scenes from Parks and Recreation, just another reason to have a photoshoot and tell your friends you visited Pawnee City Hall.

Across from city hall, is a Jackie and Mack Robinson Memorial statue, which was built because of their history in the city.

If you walk south, the next street over is Colorado Boulevard where you can begin your shopping and eating journey.

Stores along this street include mostly chains such as Vans, Anthropologie, Apple, Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters and many more. There are stores for everyone, whether you’re shopping for the latest fashion trends or the latest tech products.

Restaurants include The Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s, P.F. Changs and some quicker options like Jimmy Johns, Rubio’s and a few cafés.

Of course, I had to find a dessert place while I was there, so I tried out a place I hadn’t had before, called Cool Haus. This isn’t your average ice cream place; they have flavors like fried chicken & waffles, Aunt Glady’s fruitcake and brown butter candied bacon. I wasn’t too adventurous in what I got; I tried the fruit loops cereal, and it tastes just like its name.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Between some of the buildings are a few quaint and peaceful alleyways where you can sit down and enjoy a sweet treat while you relax in the breezy shade.

So, take a trip to Downtown Pasadena to check out a few of your favorite TV show filming locations, browse some of your favorite stores, and maybe eat a little-or a lot.

*all photos author’s own


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